Affordable Instruction by One of Apple's Former Lead Creative's (Top Trainers)


Meet your new Apple product trainer...

Mike Rott, Dynasty Media Network's Owner & Founder, was not always a writer, producer, director & film editor. Prior to pursuing his creative passions professionally and building our full-service film production and training studio in Downtown Ferndale, MI,  Mike earned his stripes working for Apple.

His career with Apple, Inc. began in 2007 where he was quickly promoted through the ranks to serve as Apple Somerset's "Lead Creative" (Training Team Leader).  If you've taken a class at Apple Somerset or Twelve Oaks in the past,  you've probably met him.  Mike Rott has taught dozens of individual & group training classes weekly during his Apple career (over 5,000), while simultaneously running the One to One Training program and managing the staff of 20+ trainers.  He knows his stuff!


His teaching methods take a relaxed, engaging approach to learning.  Let's face it, we've all had a healthy dose of "learning trauma" from our school years and most people can agree that on some level technology can be very intimidating.  That said, learning how to get the most out of your products and projects will empower you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible, all while saving you from wasted time spent frantically "Googling" for answers.  Mike's unique approach to teaching will disarm any fears of technology and make learning enjoyable. Be prepared to feel a glowing sense of genuine accomplishment.

Whether you're a complete novice switching from PC to Mac, are interested in becoming better synced, better organized & more efficient, or are a professional-level power user (Final Cut Pro 7 & X, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro X, Aperture, etc.), all are welcome and can gain from teaming up with Mike.

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